Roxanaa  Walking Billboards:

Roxanaa’s highly professional team provides exceptional marketing solutions for your business. Our services are interactive and fun which give your brand the perfect exposure immediately. We also offer flexible services so you can customize and design your own advertising campaign.

Street Advertising:

Walking Billboard is a street-level, customer-friendly, outdoor advertising medium which is aperfect choice for taking your brand’s presence in metropolitan areas. The backpack billboards give a great exposure to your potential customers. With Roxanaa’s walking billboard initiative not only your business will get noticed among the thousands of customers, but it will also invade the local bazaars and streets. Our friendly marketing ambassadors will lively chat with your clients, explain your product, services and distribute promotional tools. Furthermore, the Light-emitting diode screen at the top of walking billboard is a place to display your business slogan and messages in an interactive way.

District Campaign:

If you’re considering to promote a particular product for a targeted area within a quicktimeframe, you should definitely keep in mind using Roxanaa’s district campaign solution. Inthis package, Human billboards in groups of professional marketers walk your brand in a pre- determined area where targeted customers are roaming around. These human billboards offer a large rear single space as well as a smaller advertising space over the brand ambassador’s head. What makes them really dynamic is the LED backlight illumination. Our mobile team will also distribute your promotional material and most importantly chat with your clients to convince them. This package can range from three days per market to as long as months at a time. The average district campaign generally lasts a week per market. Naturally, the shorter the campaign, the more units you will need to reach market saturation.

Event Advertising: 

In occasions of events in the city, Roxanaa will provide the clients with the standing humanbillboards at the stalls’ gates directing the visitors to the stalls holding arrows and signs. The current events in the country have less attractive display to the visitors, solely depicting theproducts or services with no catching advertisement. Roxanaa’s human billboards will drawthe attention of the visitors to the businesses stalls ensuring them to create a good image of your brand in their minds.

Customised Advertising:

Roxanaa always seeks the optimal satisfaction of the clients; and to this end it allows the clients to use a mixture of the aforementioned options -a blend of street advertising and event advertising, for instance. Clients can customize our services and packages in whatsoever way works best for them. Roxanaa will also advise clients on each package or a totally customized package that can match their needs. We offer a broad range ofcustomization options. Timing, location, billboards and ambassadors’ uniform are somefeatures of our customization options.